Diver of the Month: July 2017

Justin Davis   Aug 03, 2017

diver of the month July scuba diving

Each month we nominate one diver to receive the coveted distinction of Diver of the Month. This diver has shown passion, excitement, and commitment to the 72% of our earth covered in water. This diver embodies what it means to live the aquatic lifestyle. Will you be next?

Meet Mike Dimler. Mike is currently on his path to becoming a certified scuba diver. Here is Mike's inspiration for getting into scuba diving.

Two years ago was on a cruise to the Bahamas and one of the excursions was riding a BOSS underwater scooter. Really had a good time and was amazed with the fish and surrounding. That drove me to enroll in the Snorkeling Class which lead me to the Try Scuba and now I am currently going through the diving class. Looking forward to the future and what is under the water.

Mike Dimler in Scuba Class

Mike Dimler in Scuba Class