Our Mission and Training Philosophy

"Create capable, comfortable and safe divers. To enable you to travel the world with us".



At 72 Aquatics we are passionate about the new, emerging diver being the backbone of the diving community and industry.

The comfortable and enthusiastic diver will want to continue learning, requires equipment and travels to fantastic underwater destinations.

We are an aquatic family and the biggest thing that sets us apart is exactly that. We are a family. We welcome new scuba and freedivers, snorkeler, and travelers into our family when they come to us and that will never change.

Anyone who is familiar with diving in the Sonoran Desert will have a story about that time they went to San Carlos, Mexico and swam with the sea lions. It is experiences like these that keep both new and active divers coming back for more.

72 Aquatics is the premier scuba diving facility in Tucson, AZ. We are a Diamond Instructor Training Center by Scuba Schools International, a distinction earned by only the best scuba centers in the world. There is no way any of this would be possible without an experienced team of dive professionals and dedicated scuba divers.

We thank all of the divers that have come through 72 Aquatics over the years and look forward to diving with you in the near future.