So what does it take to get certified? Well the process is pretty easy.

Step 1: Visit us at 72 Aquatics for a Personal Orientation

The orientation is your opportunity to get all the information you need for the class! During the orientation, we will discuss the basics of the course, find a schedule that works for you, talk about the required equipment, answer all of your questions, and sign you up for your newest adventure.

Step 2: Get the Gear You Need

Scuba diving equipment is what allows us to explore the world beneath the waves. With your Open Water Certification course you will receive a $50 credit toward the purchase of your required snorkeling equipment.

Step 3: Take Your First Lessons

During your classroom and pool sessions you will gain the skills, experience, and knowledge you need to become a safe, comfortable and confident diver.

Step 4: Get Certified

Once you have completed your classroom and pool sessions you are now ready for your certification dives! You will complete a minimum of four dives with your instructor and after successful completion of the skills, you will be certified to dive the world!