Service & Repair

Scuba equipment is life support equipment.

Good industry standard is a regular service intervals defined by the manufacturer usually taking into account the time of the last service or number of dives.

At 72 Aquatics we take the trust you have, when handing us your life support equipment, very seriously.

Our service technicians are manufacturer trained and renewed. We service most mayor brands like Atomic, Aqualung, Mares, etc.

All equipment is pressure or water tested before we let it back into the field and we test it with you before it leaves with you on your trip.

Usual turn-around time is 2 weeks. But we can be much faster on request.

Service and Repair prices

Regulator service: $35 per stage + parts

BC service, cleaning and pressure test: $25

Battery Replacement: $25 + parts

Bench check: $25

Hydrostatic Test (including VIP & fill): $55

Visual Inspection (incl. fill; SDI standard): $20

Air fill (up to 3000psi): $10 for scuba, $15 for non-scuba

Rush Items: $40

Your service Tech: Branden