Testimonials from customers (Yelp and Google)

"Friendly and knowledgeable staff that takes the time to know the customer and what their interests are. Every experience here has been enjoyable."
Douglas B., February 2020

    "Mike, Tom, Nikki and the rest of the 72 Aquatics staff are amazing! We just returned from San Carlos finishing up our certification dives and we couldn’t have asked for a better experience. The staff is very knowledgeable and a perfect combination of fun/professional. I’d highly recommend this shop to anyone!"
    Matthew M., September 2019
    "Ken and I had a fantastic time diving with 72 Aquatics in San Carlos last weekend! It was our first dive since moving to Tucson in May, and we will go again. Thank you Sheree for leading the dives and making it a wonderful experience. The sea lions were so much fun. We would love a photo if anyone has one to share. Next time GoPro will be with us!"
    Leslie M., August 2019
    "A rookie at snorkeling. The boys at Aquatics fixed me up with everything I need for trip.Good job!"
    Rue M, January 2019
    "Alex and the entire Staff at 72 Aquatics are professional, helpful and efficient every time I come into the store. I started diving with Desert Divers in 1992, which became 72 Aquatics recently and have always had great experience diving with them. I recommend their services training and dive trips to everyone I know. Go Diving Its Wonderful!"
    Tom W., January 2018

    "After a 25 year hiatus from diving I needed to prepare for an extensive scuba diving vacation that actually culminated in 23 ocean dives. Tobi, Alex and the gang were great in getting me ready with a refresher course, Nitrox certification and equipment selection. Their professionalism was very reassuring and I look forward to going on future diving trips that they sponsor. With 72 Aquatics you go know you are dealing with pros."

    Jay S., January 2018



    "This dive center is more than than just your average scuba store, it is a family. I had the pleasure of joining this scuba family back in 2000 when my parents drug me in for my first scuba lessons. They may have dragged me in, but they couldn't get me out of the water from that point on. I was hooked and exploring the 72% of the earth covered in water became my passion. I regularly travel with Desert Divers and have always felt a part of the group. They welcomed me into the sport from my first Open Water Class session and they continue to be my gateway to exploring beneath the oceans. There is no other dive shop for me. Desert Divers is my scuba family and there is no other shop in town that welcomed me into the same family atmosphere."

    Cole P., April 2017



    "This is the BEST dive shop in Tucson! I learned how to dive with these folks and it has changed my life! I don't need any more gear, but I stop in all the time just to look around , smell the neoprene, and chat with the great staff that I now call friends!"

    Grant L., March 2017


    "Tobi was really great when we stopped in the other day to get me set up for my SSI open water certification classes. This store was recommended to me by my family member that lives in Tucson. I live in Scottsdale, so I will be traveling here to complete my certification and I normally wouldn't do this as there are many places in my area that offer the same thing. I can't wait! I already feel very optimistic for my class in August. Updated review to come!"
    Kathy G., July 2016
    "The staff here is very courteous and knowledgable. They are extremely easy to work with whether it is getting certified to dive or renting equipment for future dives. This is the one and only place in Tucson I will go for dive equipment"
    Garrett C., August 2015