• O.C.E.A.N.S. Module IV - Solutions & Mastery

O.C.E.A.N.S. Module IV - Solutions & Mastery

In the Mastery Module you will engage in a study of Coral Reefs. You will learn how to identify various Coral Species and how to protect and propagate them. You will achieve Coral Identification Certification.

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You will also work toward achieving your Advanced Open Water certification rating. You will dig into the actual science of diving by studying the physics, gas laws, and energy that govern our life while underwater. You will learn the specifics about the human body’s physiological responses in underwater
environments as well as the mechanics of water movement in our world oceans. You will learn how to analyze and use Enhanced Air Nitrox as your breathing gas for additional safety while participating in consecutive multiple days of diving.

With these skills in hand, you will achieve Advanced Open Water Diver, Science of Diving and Nitrox certifications. Once you achieve the minimum required dives (50), demonstrating your mastery of all the skills acquired during the course of this program, you will also achieve Master Diver certification.

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