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Snorkeling Class

Snorkeling is a great way to begin your underwater adventures. It's your chance to start exploring a new and fascinating world. Suitable for all ages, snorkeling provides both action and relaxation - whatever you are looking for.

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Snorkeling is an exciting activity that anyone, young or old, can enjoy with a minimum of equipment and little training. Snorkeling is a great year-round activity, no matter where you live. From exploring the beautiful ocean reefs to discovering your local lake or river, there is a snorkeling experience near you.

During your snorkeling class, your 72 Aquatics Snorkeling Instructor will teach you everything you need to know to safely, comfortably and confidently go snorkeling. You will learn how to select properly fitting equipment, clear water from your mask and snorkel, properly use your fins, and perform surface dives to explore underwater.

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