T25 Regulator Limited Edition

T25 Regulator Limited Edition


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Part Number:03-0200-6P Manufacturer: Atomic

Incredibly tough and stunningly beautiful, our ultra-exclusive T25 Limited-Edition Anniversary Regulator celebrates 25 years of superlative design, engineering and performance. Representing decades of breakthroughs—and breaking the rules—the T25 is a highly-evolved version of the iconic T3 all-Titanium regulator. But it’s designed using even more exotic processes, elevating it into “Diamond” status.

To start, we machined the T25 regulator from solid bars of Titanium Ti-6Al-4V alloy. After this initial phase, we plated it with a new proprietary diamond-like hardness coating (DLC), which, as a byproduct, produces a radiant, iridescent color sheen. For short, we dubbed it “Burnt Titanium” to reflect its stunningly beautiful, durable and unique finish.

The T25 Burnt Titanium finish is highly unique and no two regulators appear the same. Of course, it’s not really burned, but the T25’s coating does have a near Diamond-level super hardness that will perform in the water for years and years of use. However, while the “Burnt Titanium” coating is very hard and can resist normal scratching from diving, it can be damaged, so be sure to avoid impact or excessive rubbing with pool decks, boat decks or swim steps.


Developing the toughest regulator in the world requires heavy reliance on precision engineering and machining. First and second stage components are precision-machined from solid Titanium billet. The T25 first stage is designed using minimal material and machined from a solid piece of Titanium requiring 23 individual operations. All machining operations are performed in a single continuous milling session at our own Atomica manufacturing facility. That means each component is carefully and expertly crafted under our watchful eyes to conform to only the most exacting standards.


The T25 Regulator is precision-machined from solid bars of Titanium alloy and plated with a new diamond-like hardness coating (DLC). We named it ‘Burnt Titanium’ to reflect its stunningly beautiful and unique rainbow-like finish.” This coating is very hard—nearly reaching diamond status—and can resist normal scratching and abrasion compared to non-coated Titanium and Stainless steel. However, normal wear and tear is possible, so remember to treat your T25 like the finely crafted piece of equipment that it is.


In seeking ways to take the T25 to the next level, we discovered our proprietary DLC process—and the rest is history. But in addition to achieving unbelievable durability and toughness, while implementing the DLC, we realized it also produced a stunning iridescent-rainbow sheen that catches all of the colors of the light spectrum. The best part? No two T25 Regulators are the same. Each catches light and produces color in a different reflec

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