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Mike Krause

Mike Krause


I am Mike Krause.  I absolutely love scuba diving because it allows me to enter a mythical fantasy realm, complete with exotic creatures, the ability to fly weightlessly, and experience multi colored landscapes and topography that are literally out of this world.  This experience is not a virtual reality video game but a ‘real life’ experience that I can have as often as I want!  Every time I submerge underwater I am filled with the excitement of what I will discover and experience next as I have total control over the ability to fly through this ‘real’ fantasy realm.

I’ve been lucky enough to see an electric clam in Fiji. I’ve come nose to nose, as a friendly encounter, with an 18-foot tiger shark. I’ve been able to fly with the Giant Oceanic Manta Rays with a wingspan as big as a large dining room, in Socorro.  I’ve watched Logger Head and Green Turtles commingling with large Angel Fish in Cozumel and Belize while Nurse Sharks and Moray Eels swim by.  One of my most rewarding experiences was when my favorite animal of all, a Spotted Eagle Ray allowed me to stay by its side for over 20 minutes while it was stopped in place enjoying a brisk current.  It somehow must have known it was my favorite because it didn’t move away.  It was an experience I will never forget!  I’ve seen creatures and plant life that I would not have imagined even existed.  Because I am so intrigued with the life that exists under the ocean, I’ve spend years working on underwater photography skills in order to bring images back to those that might never experience or see this fantasy world.  (

But, better still, I want to be able to provide the opportunity for you and others to experience this fantasy world for yourself.  As a scuba instructor, one of my greatest joys is to watch someone develop from initial anxiety and curiosity about the underwater world to one who is completely capable and comfortable flying through this fantasy realm with me.   I’ve been diving since the year 2000 and have over 2,500 dives logged to date.  I still improve and learn something new with every single dive I make, just as you will from the 1st day of your diving experiences.