Deposits/Payments: A per person non-refundable deposit is required within (48) hours of booking any trip to guarantee
reservation. The exact deposit is individually listed on the corresponding official trip flyer. Payment in full is due in accordance
with the date listed on the corresponding official trip flyer or (30) days prior to departure. Deposit amounts may vary due to
individual resort requirements, and boat or supplier policies. Please check at time of booking to confirm deposit amount. All trip
prices are based on double occupancy unless otherwise stated.

Documentation: U.S. Citizens must have a valid passport for ALL travel outside of the country. Domestic travel requires a valid
federal form of identification. Minors leaving the U.S. MUST have written, notarized permission to travel from the parent(s)/legal
guardian(s) not traveling. Please visit for additional information.

Late Bookings: Bookings made thirty-five (35) days or less prior to departure will incur a $25.00 charge per booking to cover
express processing. Airline fares may also be higher when booking less than thirty-five (35) days in advance.

Cancellation Policy: No refund of any travel payments following the Payment in Full date listed on the corresponding official
trip flyer or (120) days prior to departure. Any cancellation of services made before above mentioned date will be subject to the
cancellation policy of our suppliers. Most suppliers have a NO REFUND policy between (60) and (120) days before departure
and to ensure your investment is safe; travel insurance is recommended, but not included in the travel packages.

Transfer Policy: Transfer of services is permitted from one traveler to another up until (7) days before the date of departure,
subject to transfer policy of our suppliers. Most airline and Cuba services are NOT transferable.

Responsibility and Liability: 72 Aquatics and its agents act only as agents for the client in arranging hotel, transportation, and
other services related to travel and travel packages. 72 Aquatics is not liable for any injury, death, loss, damage, accident, delay,
inconvenience, additional expenses or mental or physical distress in the event a person or company fails to render any services
to be included in the travel package, or in the event of expense caused by illness, wars, strikes, mechanical failure, pilferage,
weather or acts of God. In the event it becomes necessary or advisable to alter arrangements or itinerary, 72 Aquatics may do so
without penalty. 72 Aquatics reserves the right to withdraw any or all tours when conditions warrant. Clients electing to use
equipment such as sailboards, canoes, sailboats, or scuba may do so at their own risk. Airlines used in connection with any travel
package may not be held responsible for an act, omission, or event during the time passengers are not on board their planes or
conveyances. The passage contract in use by the carrier and passenger sets out the carrier’s sole responsibilities. Schedules and
prices are subject to change without notice. The payment of a required deposit or any partial or full payment for reservations of
a trip shall constitute consent to all provisions of the terms and conditions list. 72 Aquatics reserves the right to make changes to
this agreement at any time. 72 Aquatics is a Global Dive & Travel, LLC Company.