Freediving Classes

Try Freediving The Try Freediving Course is designed to get you in the water and immediately show you the basics of...

Freediving Level 1 Course Take a deep breath and plunge into one of the most amazing sports in the world.

Freediving Level 2 Course Now that you have earned your Level 1 certification, you can take your freediving to the next level!...

Freediving Level 1 & 2 Course ... Level 1 and 2 combined - from the surface down to 100ft maximum depth. If that sounds good - this is...

Training Tables Good freedivers are constantly seeking ways to improve their personal performance.

Monofin Pool Specialty Some of world's best freedivers are marine mammals like dolphins and whales.

Free Immersion Specialty Free immersion training requires less energy and effort, and can be done in a head-down position.